Borderlands 2 and Hitman: Absolution with 3Point Studios

I created some weapon models for Borderlands 2 and Hitman: Absolution with the outsourcing house 3Point Studios. The assets were held to the absolute highest quality standards internally, and everything was created in ways that make it easy for the client to change things on their own. It was a great learning experience all around.

The Hitman Absolution weapons were designed for third person use and therefore had a much larger emphasis on chunky design and consistent, large edges for readability. The weapons were made to varying tricount and texture specifications, and were baked using a proprietary synced tangent basis workflow.

The Borderlands 2 weapons needed to be made in modular sections to work with Gearbox Software's system. Each section was constantly checked against other weapons in its class (shotguns) to make sure that clipping was limited. The UVs were mapped on to a single 4096x2048 sheet containing 6 weapons. In addition, the weapon low poly models were optimized using strict on-card vert counts. I did not do any texture work and the Jakobs shotgun bake was handled by someone else.