Weapon Textures for Overkill 2

I was hired to texture many weapons for the mobile game, Overkill 2. Each weapon is on a 1024x1024 texture, and certain weapons also had additional textures for scopes etc.
The meshes were supplied by the client. All textures are diffuse only, no dynamic lighting.

Each texture needed to be completed in under 3 hours--hence the vast majority was automated heavily using scripts and a preset overlay pack I put together specifically for the project.
I also made heavy use of color saturation. Together, this made for very fast, easy texturing with attractive results.

93r_1.jpg 93r_2.jpg 93r_3.jpg acr_1.jpg acr_2.jpg acr_3.jpg m249_1.jpg m249_2.jpg m249_3.jpg m249_4.jpg m[7_1.jpg mp7_2.jpg mp7_3.jpg p90_1.jpg p90_2.jpg p90_3.jpg scarh_1.jpg scarh_2.jpg scarh_3.jpg sg552_1.jpg sg552_3.jpg sg552_4.jpg sv98_1.jpg sv98_2.jpg sv98_3.jpg svd_1.jpg svd_2.jpg svd_3.jpg thompson_1.jpg thompson_2.jpg thompson_3.jpg uzi_1.jpg uzi_2.jpg uzi_3.jpg uzi_4.jpg uzi_5.jpg vss_1.jpg vss_2.jpg vss_3.jpg vss_4.jpg