Multiple racing simulator titles with Reiza Studios

I worked with Reiza Studios closely over the span of more than a year and a half developing their ultra-realistic racing simulator products. Originally I was brought on to graphically overhaul their product Game Stock Car for a 2012 update, and continued working with them afterwards. I handled a wide variety of content spanning multiple titles, doing things like buildings, props, FX particle textures, environment textures, getting objects in game, and any other random tasks that required doing. I needed to color match countless existing textures to reference photos with exacting precision--accuracy was the top priority.

The engine, ISI gMotor2, is from 2005 and only supports Shader Model 2, so it was the job of track master Alex Sawczuk and myself to try and give it a modern look.

The tracks were built by Alex Sawczuk. Shown on this page are various screenshots from ones I've majorly contributed to.